Ruby server restart

I am using Rails 1.1.6, with Oracle 10g db. I’m having a problem where
multiple Oracle sessions are starting up in Oracle when I connect to my
Rails site. The user will connect through the browser and a session is
started. If the user closes the browser and then later comes back to the
site, a new session is started. The old session is never closed. This
can be annoying if there many users.

Our DBA says to restart the Ruby server to remove those inactive old
sessions. I have Rails set up through Apache2.2+FastCGI. If I restart
Apache, is that the equivalent of restarting the Ruby server? As far as
I know, there is no Ruby server. Also, when I do restart the Apache, the
Oracle sessions are not removed.

Thanks for any help!

Killing all the Ruby/FastCGI processes is what he wants you to do.

If you do a ‘ps -ef | grep fcgi’ should find you what you need to

This is a band-aid though, I think there should be a way to time out
those connections, but I’m not sure what it would be.

Thank you Andrew. I read later that restarting Apache does not
necessarily shutdown all the FastCGI servers. This can be seen in the
fastcgi.crash.log file where the log will indicate that only one server
has shutdown. The other servers need to be shutdown manually.

I am still looking into how to timeout connections also.

Thanks for your help!