Ruby server and how it works

i am at the beginner phase and i really want to develop my own server to
launch my web application written in ruby. i don’t want to use existing
framework for the development the reason behind this is i am trying to
learn and create my own framework(good or bad or worst doesn’t matter.
so in order to do that, i must first learn how this ruby server works.
is there any good tutorial regarding routing and file handling and
creating server from scratch in ruby.

Kshitiz Rimal wrote in post #1052477:

so in order to do that, i must first learn how
this ruby server works.

To build a framework you don’t need to know how a server works: from a
framework’s (a web application’s) point of view there’s only a request
to serve and a response to return. When you build a framework you do
not need to know about sockets and TCP and UDP and network cards and
telephony and token ring and routers and network byte ordering: if your
framework does know about any of these it’s a sign you’ve botched your

A server and a web-framework are two layers that are conceptually

Now, to the point:

There are many server softwares in the Ruby world (‘thin’, ‘mongrel’,
‘thick’, etc. etc.). Framework developers usually use ‘Rack’, which is a
thin layer that insulates them from the actual working of the server.
This way the end-user can replace the server software without needing to
modify the application.

I suggest you start learning about Rack. Write a simple application with
it. Then take a peek at Sinatra, which is a small framework.