Ruby-security mailing list

Is there currently a mailing list for new posts about security that go
to the following?:

I know there is one for Rails here:!forum/rubyonrails-security

Assuming there isn’t one, would someone on the Ruby core team be willing
to start up a list and post things there as soon as they would otherwise
show up in one of the first two pages I listed?

If I’ve just missed it and there is an existing list, please let me
know. (I think NIST only provides the following lists
NVD - Email List and at time of writing
Mailing Lists only mentions:
Ruby-Talk, Ruby-Core, Ruby-Doc, Ruby-CVS, and the comp.lang.ruby


There’s ruby-security-ann, although I don’t think it gets much use
From memory it was created after the recent RubyGems vulnerability that
could have compromised gems.