Ruby sdbm library reliable?

Does anyone have any recent experience with using Ruby’s sdbm library?
I googled for this and found a message thread from a few years ago
indicating that it wasn’t reliable, but I couldn’t find any recent
info. Has it improved in reliability?

The reason I’m looking at sdbm is that, according to Pickaxe, the
underlying SDBM library is included with the standard Ruby
distribution, so if Ruby is installed, it’s pretty much a guarantee that
sdbm is also.

I would be looking at storing up to a million records, with each record
being up to 200 bytes, and each key being up to 7 bytes.

If no one has any recent experience with sdbm, I will go ahead and run
some tests and report the results back here. I just thought that if
someone else had already done this, it would save me the effort.


Jamey C.

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