Ruby script file

Hello guys,

I’m new to ruby on rails and I’ve been given a question by my manager to
do the following task below but i can’t seem to find the command or go
around doing the task. so i’m wondering can anybody help me here?
Here’s the task below:-


Write a batch file or ruby script file to detect large mail folders on
the server.

  1. Write a batch file to list all *.pmm files under f:\home folders
    (including subfolders) into a text file, say, bigmail.txt

  2. Use ruby to scan the bigmail.txt file and output only those lines
    with file size more than 100MB, again redirect the output to a text
    file, say, bigpmm.txt

I’m not sure how to go about doing the above. Can anyone assist me? My
programming skills are poor and yet i can’t find the way to solve the
question above.

Thank you and appreciate the help a lot.