Ruby Science Foundation GSOC 2016 call for mentors


GSOC 2016 is upon us! I will be the admin for the Ruby Science
Foundation this year. We have been participating in GSOC for the past 3
years and have always run successful programs with some great libraries
being created and enhanced for the Ruby scientific stack.

We plan to have an equally successful Summer of Code this year as well,
and for this we require experienced mentors! Ruby as a language requires
a serious push when it comes to scientific computation, and this is your
chance to make it happen. The number and quality of ideas will play a
crucial factor in decided if SciRuby is selected as a mentoring org, so
put up as many amazing proposals as you can!

The deadline for mentoring organizations this year is 19th February, so
please head over to the ideas page and put in your ideas ASAP. Find the
page here:

If you feel that you need to discuss your ideas first, feel free to send
us an e-mail on our mailing list:

[email protected]

See our website here:

Also, do not forget to announce your idea on the mailing list once
you’ve put it on the ideas page!

You will get to work with some talented students over the summer, not to
mention goodies from Google :slight_smile:

In case you need to chat with an organization member, drop an e-mail to
Pjotr Prins ([email protected]) or John W.
([email protected]), who will be co-admins this year.

Sameer Deshmukh