Ruby Reports Mailing List Split

Hi folks, if you’ve been following Ruby Reports in some way or
another, you might have noticed that it’s been pretty quiet lately in
terms of announcements / list activity.

This is definitely not an indication of development slowing. It’s
actually the opposite in that Mike Milner and myself have been hacking
away on our development version of Ruport working to get it to 1.0

To help keep people looped who might be interested in patching Ruport
or at least running on the bleeding edge, we’ve created a mailing list
for development:

I know it’s lame to have to apply for subscriptions, and we’ll
probably change that post 1.0, but we don’t want to have people
confuse it with our general purpose ‘come share ideas and ask
questions’ list, which is still at:

The biggest difference between the two lists is the dev list will be
useless to anyone not following trunk. The main list can still be
used for reporting issues and making feature requests and whatnot, we
just were looking for a way to talk about the ugly internals without
spamming people excessively.

Anyway, Ruport 1.0 should be out around mid may, so hopefully I’ll
speak to some of you before then :slight_smile: