Ruby Reports IRC Roundtable II, 2007.03.06

== Second Ruport IRC Roundtable ==

On Tuesday starting at 9pm EST (UTC -5), we invite anyone interested
in Ruby Reports to join us in #ruport on Freenode. As development has
been moving rather quickly and we’re getting closer and closer to a
1.0 release, this is a good chance to chat with the Ruport developers
about your questions or concerns. We’re welcoming feedback,
suggestions, and general cantankerous comments.

Also, if you are interested in our acts_as_reportable plugin for using
Ruport in Rails, you’ll be able to bug Dudley and Mike about that.

I’ll begin the meeting by giving a short status update and throwing
some reference links out there to people, and then we’ll go from

Hope to see you there, but we’ll post transcripts and a summary on the
wiki for those who can’t make it due to the timing.

If you’d like to start dumping some of your ideas, I created a page
for that here:

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