Ruby Reports 1.0 RC3 (0.12.0)

Hi folks, this is the 3rd and final release candidate for ruport 1.0
Please try it out and get in those bug reports between now and May 15th.

The feature set you see in this release is likely what you’ll see in
1.0, though we’re also working on polishing some of our support
packages such as the AAR rails plugin and ruport-util, so keep an eye
on those if you need them…

== What is Ruport? ==

Ruby Reports (Ruport) is an extensible reporting system. It aims to
keep things as simple as possible while still providing the core
toolset you’ll need for most reporting tasks.

== Whats New? ==

We ended up with a lot of great feedback from the Ruport list that
lead to most of the fixes and changes in this release. You might want
to check out the mailing list summary for last week:

Most of the changes were minor fixes to strange behaviors in our PDF
output, which include a couple workarounds to certain PDF::Writer
bugs. The rest of the issues were relatively minor, so see the
changelog notes for details, towards the end of this post.

== Get It ==

gem install ruport -y

and, if you need extra stuff such as rope or Ruport::Report…

gem install ruport-util -y

== Learn More ==

We’ve now got a homepage, which will move to’s root soon.
As it stands it links most of our resources, including our mailing list,
docs, blog and wiki:

Please let us know what you think, and feel free to point out any

== 0.11.0 CHANGELOG ==

Changes since 1.0 RC2 (0.11.0):


  • PDF output unexpectedly swaps columns in tables
    (A PDF::Writer bug now patched in Ruport)

  • Grouping#each is now properly documented.

Enhancements to address minor issues:

  • All ruport formatters now support empty table output (showing headers

  • PDF support now has a horizontal_rule helper

  • acts_as_reportable now supports find_by_sql

  • AAR report_table now takes :record_class arg

That’s all. Please keep the bug reports, feedback, and questions


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