Ruby Reports 1.0 RC2 (0.11.0)

Hi folks, here is another preview of Ruport 1.0
We can really use your feedback, so please let us know what you think!

== What is Ruport? ==

Ruby Reports (Ruport) is an extensible reporting system. It aims to
keep things as simple as possible while still providing the core
toolset you’ll need for most reporting tasks.

== Whats New? ==

This release features full API documentation, as well as fixes for all
known defects.

It also finalizes the last major change in Ruport by moving the Report
class and the rope code generator into ruport-util (0.4.0), making for
an extremely compact core library.

We will now try very hard to not break API in the 1.0 codebase unless
it is to fix something that looks like a very bad idea.

== Get It ==

gem install ruport -y

and, if you need rope or Ruport::Report…

gem install ruport-util -y

== Learn More ==

We’ve now got a homepage, which will move to’s root as
soon as we collect some feedback and make changes as needed. As it
stands it links most of our resources, including our mailing list, API
docs and wiki:

Please let us know what you think.

== A little more about ruport-util ==

We’ve jettisoned pretty much everything that felt ‘too specific’, ‘too
immature’, or ‘too crazy’
into the ruport-util package. This package is still an officially
supported part of the Ruby Reports project. Our users have pushed for
a simple, stable core library, which is what the ruport gem is aiming
to be now. The ruport-util package, on the other hand, will be a
cornucopia of reporting tools of varying quality and value.

Right now, it contains:

  • Basic Graphing via Scruffy
  • PDF Invoicing
  • Report mailing via MailFactory
  • The Ruport::Report class that was in Ruport until this release
  • Ruport’s code generation tool, rope

== 0.11.0 CHANGELOG ==

Changes since 1.0 RC1 (0.10.0):


  • Formatter now has an erb() helper
  • PDF Table rendering now accepts symbols as column names.
  • New :ignore_table_width option for text Table output

Bug Fixes:

  • PDF Grouping output had broken :justified and :separated styles in

  • Table.load() was not handling :record_class properly

  • Tests now skip textile cases when RedCloth is not installed. (Found
    via FireBrigade!)

  • Some old artifacts removed.

API Breakage:

rope / Report

We have moved these features into ruport-util as we feel like they’re
subject to change and catch on fire at any moment, and they’re also
only useful in specific settings, wheras the rest of the code in the
ruport gem is mostly general.

query.rb“foo”,:origin => :file)

becomes: => “foo”)

however,“foo.sql”) will still automatically be handled

That’s all. Please keep the bug reports, feedback, and questions


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