Ruby Reports 0.8.14 and some project news


== Ruport 0.8.14 : The ‘sweet goodbye to 0.8’ release ==

I usually don’t announce maintenance releases on RubyTalk, but since
this will be the final stable snapshot of Ruport before 1.0, I figured
I’d post here. Also, this is actually more project news than release
notes, but i figured I’d handle both at once. :wink:

== Quick Announcement about Code Review ==

We will be holding a code review in #ruport on Freenode 2007.04.18, UTC
(8pm EDT 2007.04.17)

All are welcome to attend and help us go through the source and look
for problem areas, potential API changes, and other good stuff.

In addition to this, with sufficient caffeine I should be available
from 2007.04.17 to UTC 04:00 - 2007.04.18 UTC 04:00 for a full 24
hours of Ruport support. I’ll be both monitoring the list and sitting
on #ruport (nick: ), if anyone wants to take advantage of the
increased availability during this time period.

== Release Notes for 0.8.14 ==

0.8 has been our stable branch since February 4th, but as of today
it’s no longer supported. This release fixes all known outstanding
issues. If you are already using 0.8 for an existing project, you can
update via the usual mediums. (gem,svn,file from RubyForge, etc).

from the CHANGELOG:

  • Data::Table now subclass friendly
  • Data::Table now properly passes along record_class
  • Record#delete now updates attributes properly

== Bugs? ==

If you find bugs in Ruport 0.8.14, and they’re not related to
packaging, try our dev releases. If it fixes your problem, file the
bug report to /dev/null and wait a few weeks for 1.0, if it doesn’t,
please file a ticket at using the account
info: ruport/blinky

If you’re interested in the details of what’s to come in the next few
weeks as we get closer to Ruport 1.0, read on.

== Project News ==

Our first 1.0 release candidate will be on RubyForge within the next
couple weeks. It’ll likely be labeled 0.10.0, for those keeping
track. We’ll announce it here.

Until then, we encourage you to use our development releases. We
announce these on, and we’ve put together a
simple guide for running on 0.9:

Since we’re hundreds of changesets pulled away from 0.8, be ready for
a different ride.

That’s all for now.

warm regard,