Ruby Reports 0.5.2

= Ruport 0.5.2 : The “I need to test more on Windows” edition =

== Synopsis ==

Just a bug fix release, but important if you are on windows.
We’ve also done some reorginization of the formatting system, which
may be appealing to contributors.

== What is Ruport? ==

Ruby Reports (Ruport) is a free software library and toolset that is
designed to make the task of building reporting applications less
painful. Ruport supports data acquisition from both files and
databases, and provides tools for munging and manipulating data as
needed. Additionally, Ruport supports a highly extensible formatting
system which can currently handle HTML, PDF, CSV, SVG and plaintext
output. Other helpful utilities are continuously being extracted from
real world applications.

== Project News ==

Pat Eyler interviewed me about SoC and Ruport. If these announcements
aren’t enough of my blabber for ya, check out

I also put out a whiny blog post encouraging people to use the Ruport
mailing list instead of contacting me directly about Ruport. You can
take a look at this here:

We’ve been eaten alive by spammers on the Ruport bliki, so you now
need an infogami or reddit account to do anything besides view.
Sorry :frowning:

Development-wise, things were slow this week, I think we are just
taking some time to come up for air :slight_smile:

== What’s New in this Release? ==

In windows, apparently your TextPlugin support for Ruport has been
broken for a long time. Unfortunately, the offending code was
situated within a block of code that never gets executed on my *nix
boxen. This is now fixed. Since TextPlugin is the base for
Data::Table’s to_s implementation, this seems like it would be a
rather annoying problem for windows users. Especially when the
working output is kind of pretty :wink:

Writeup here(

For developers and contributors:

We’ve split out all of Ruports plugins and engines into their own
seperate files, which will hopefully help documentation efforts. I’ve
got some plans in mind for how to create single file ‘extensions’ for
Ruport, but I haven’t quite worked them out. Until then, hopefully
this reorganization will help would-be plugin/engine contributors
study the code.

== Installation ==

Ruport and its dependencies can easily be installed via rubygems:

gem install ruport

If you have trouble or want to try installing manually, see our install

== Resources ==

You can find more-or-less all of the information we have available via:

We love when people use IRC(#ruport) or the Ruport mailing list to
us though. :wink: