Ruby Reports 0.4.5

== Ruport 0.4.5 ==
The “Arbitrary Additions to DataSet” Edition

== About ==

Ruby Reports is a software library that aims to make the task of
reporting less tedious and painful. It provides tools for data
acquisition, database interaction, formatting, and parsing/munging.

== New in this release ==

This release includes a number of patches contributed by Dudley
Flanders that standardize the DataSet/DataRow API and allow basic set

DataSet also have been given a number of array-like methods via

The new formatting engine has also been integrated into Ruport, with
minor changes in interface.

== Installing Ruport ==

it’s a gem. it can also be installed via setup.rb

detailed instructions available [1]

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=== Resources ===


Please join the mailing list and bombard me with questions,
suggestions, and bug reports. Also feel free to contribute to the

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=== Acknowledgements ===

Dudley F. for his excellent work on DataSets in this release.