Ruby Reports 0.4.4

== Ruport 0.4.4 ==
The “Hey, I’ve got a brand new formatting engine” Edition

== About ==

Ruby Reports is a software library that aims to make the task of
reporting less tedious and painful. It provides tools for data
acquisition, database interaction, formatting, and parsing/munging.

== New in this release ==

Originally was going to fix a bug or two and clean house a bit. The
cat dragged in a brand spankin’ new extensible format engine. I
ported (almost) all of Ruport’s Format::Builder functionality over to
it, and plan to deprecate the old system within the next two weeks.

I also set up an infogami page with some up to date install
procedures, some bug reports, some other things, blah blah. Less
ascii art of pacman ghosts, more information[0]

And for the first time ever, I wrote a real tutorial[1]. It might
even be useful. It’s for the new engine, which I’ve given the name
Alioth because I am tired of saying Ruport::Format::Engine. But
that’s just a nickname. Okay? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah… And also, Ruport is now a 2006 Google Summer of Code project.
Wheee! Expect releases every 10 days or so for the rest of the summer.

== Installing Ruport ==

it’s a gem. it can also be installed via setup.rb

detailed instructions available [2]

=== SVN tag ===


=== Project Download Page ===

=== Resources ===


Please join the mailing list and bombard me with questions,
suggestions, and bug reports. Also feel free to contribute to the

List sign up / archives:

=== Acknowledgements ===

The usual suspects.

JEG2, Francis H., the ruby reports mailing list, RubyTalk,
new_haven.rb, NYC.rb, #ruby_lang, BTree Technology

=== Apology ===

These release notes are really slipshod. I promise the most exciting
release notes ever next time. But seriously, check out the wiki[0],
because I updated all the info up there.