Ruby/Rails T-Shirts/graphics?


Hey, I was just wondering - are there any Ruby and/or Rails t-shirts
available? Or nice, big graphics available to make your own?



Before OSCON, I set-up a store at CafePress with zero commission:
Note that CafePress uses an iron-on like way of putting the graphics
onto a

The graphics are out there if you start googling around. If not, contact
and I’ll send you what I have.


LOL An RoR throw pillow? Man that is great!

For those that just can’t get enough during the day, now you can
snuggle up with DHH and his creation all night! XD


On Sat, 2006-02-11 at 08:53 +0100, Joe wrote:

Heh, the Rails thong is just wrong!

completely depends upon who is wearing it.



Heh, the Rails thong is just wrong!