Ruby Quiz 2.0 new location

I’ve moved the temporary Ruby Q. 2.0 stuff to a new, less-temporary


It still ain’t the prettiest thing (I’m a coder, dammit, not a graphic
designer!)… but it’s certainly more manageable than the previous
location used to be. If anyone thinks they can do a better job, by all
means! Look at the page source, and you’ll see I have some nice

tags in there; just give me a better css file and I can swap mine out.

It’s not rails, but it is (embedded) ruby, using text files and
BlueCloth. Pretty darned simple and I only need to edit text files for
the quiz, the summary, and a list of solutions. In the future, I may
provide a rails solution that will do more (and perhaps be faster, as
this current Apache/cgi-bin/eruby/uncached solution seems rather
slow). But this will do for now.

Note that the old, more-temporary location will be removed shortly,
with only a link to the new, less-temporary. Update bookmarks if

Finally, I welcome any comments, critiques, suggestions. I’m not an
expert web builder, but I can improve it bit by bit.

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