Ruby pro0gram runs on two machines and is not running on third

What could be the reasons why ruby program runs on two machines
(Windows/UbuntuLinux) and does not run on the third (Red Hat Linux).

Program in question is using soap4j and access to some soap service

In one of the classes “method_missing” is calling soap driver which
makes remotes calls. It works for some of remote methods and is not
working for some others (only one one workstation) while all those
methods are defined in soap driver.

What I am getting is:

NameError: undefined method getProjectObjByKey' for classJira4R::V2::JiraSoapService’
66:in method' /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/jira4r-0.0.1/lib/jira4r/jira_tool.rb: 66:incall_driver’
222:in method_missing' ./lib/jira_client.rb:46:inget_project’
test/tc_jira_client.rb:17:in `test_get_project’

One more time this works fine on some other machines…

I know that description, which I provided is bit short and not very
precise but my I feeling are that this has more to do with ruby
configuration then with program itself.