Ruby openssl "no config database"

Hi all!

I’m creating X509 certificates with ruby openssl. Everything worked
well, until I was trying to add custom OID’s to the certificatePolicy
extension. I have a lot of rake tasks running against the library I’m
building and with every test, I create a new certificate and check for
certain properties. What is happening is that sometimes I get openssl
errors that say “no config database” on the ef.create_extension line
below. The strange thing is that in a run of 42 tests, it sometimes
happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Every test creates a certificate in
exactly the same way. Randomly, one of the tests fail.

I have the following code:

“authenticiteit.1”, “Authenticiteit_CP”)
“onweerlegbaarheid.1”, “Onweerlegbaarheid_CP”)
“vertrouwelijkheid.1”, “Vertrouwelijkheid_CP”)

and finally to add the extension to my certificate after setting up the

ex << ef.create_extension(“certificatePolicies”, “authenticiteit.1,
onweerlegbaarheid.1, vertrouwelijkheid.1”)

All other extensions never give any problems, just this one.

Anyone who has an idea about this? Too bad that ruby-openssl seems to
lack documentation…



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