Ruby on Rails Workshop in Kansas City!

Ruby on Rails Workshop

Kansas City Ruby U.'s Group ( proudly presents the
first “Ruby on Rails Workshop” for those eager to get started into Ruby
on Rails. This one-and-half-day workshop will offer a quick introduction
to Ruby and the Ruby on Rails web application framework.

Sponsored by Reevik, Inc., it will provide web developers with a basic
understanding of the concepts, tools and tips needed to build
full-featured web applications using Ruby on Rails.

The workshop is spread over three half-day sessions on June 19th,
20th, and 21st. Here are the details:

Days: June 19th, 20th, 21st.

Time: 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Venue: Overland Park Community Center,
Room 204,
6300W. 87th Street,
Overland Park, KS 66212, USA
(913) 895-6390

Fees: $150.00 (payable in check only, at the door)

Max Limit: 25 attendees

RSVP: shanko_date (at) yahoo dot com

Speaker: Shashank D., Founder Member, KCRUG

Speaker Bio: Shashank has been using Ruby for over four years both
professionally and on his hobby projects. He has been dabbling with the
Ruby on Rails framework since its inception, although professionally
only since early this year. He is actively involved in various open
source projects using Ruby and is the co-editor of the online zine “Ruby
Code & Style” (Ruby Code & Style). He is the technical editor
of two forthcoming titles being published by Sams Publishing. Shashank
is also the President of Reevik, Inc.

Note: The facility does not have computers or Internet
Please bring your own laptops, if possible. CD full of Windows
based goodies will be distributed.
Free Pizza/Subs/Soft-drinks will also be provided.

**** RSVP’s will be highly appreciated: shanko_date (at) yahoo dot
com ****


       Day1: Introduction to Ruby
             * Language Basics
             * Classes and Modules
             * Blocks
             * Dynamics and Reflection
             * Libraries and Tools

         Day2: Introduction to Ruby on Rails
             * Intro to MVC Architecture
             * Developing a simple Rails application
             * Views & Controllers
             * Layouts
             * ActiveRecord
             * ActionController filters

       Day3: Developing a full-featured web application
             * ActiveRecord filters and observers
             * Active Record Migrations
             * Unit tests and fixtures
             * Functional testing
             * Integration testing
             * AJAX and RJS

РShashank Dat̩

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