Ruby on Rails setup not working - newbie help

Hello all,
I’m hoping someone can help me with this problem. This is
definitely a newbie question as this is the case where the very first
program of mine in RoR is not working. I downloaded Ruby, Ruby Gems
and Rails from the site. I run Windows Vista. The
starter page of index.html did work but that’s it.
I have Ruby version 1.8.6, Gem version 0.9.4 and Rails version
1.2.3 I created an application called my_app by entering the console
command rails my_app and this was done from the folder www/webroot
(note, I use path representations of www/webroot or www>webroot to
mean the same thing). This is the Apache server root folder which I
use with PHP/MySQL, etc. I can use the server for Rails by typing :
ruby server and that starts WeBrick.
Then if I enter http://localhost:3000/ I get the index.htm page which
is in my_app/public/ I can also get that page to load using
The problem with that file is that it has a link for My
application environment that looks for rails/info/properties and
cannot find it. There is no such folder of rails in the application
folder my_app that I just mentioned.
Then the tutorial goes on to create the first application in
RoR a Hello, World page. This is done by going to the Windows Console
and from the my_app/scripts/ folder entering ruby generate controller
This creates two folders. 1) in the folder my_app>app>controllers
there is the file say_controller.rb
2) In the folder my_app>app>views> there is a folder say for the
template/view file and that file will become hello.rhtml
Now, on the instructors system and in his browser he enters
And it comes up with a page that says in the body Hello, World.
With the WeBrick browser running on my system I enter the same webpage
and get a http 404 error page with the message “The Webpage cannot be
Can someone help me with this, please? Any tips?

Just checking you should have:


Is that correct?

Hi Bruce

I have found that the one-click installer for windows (rubt/rails/
apache/mysql) works pretty well.
Check it out.