Ruby on Rails School Management System


Can anyone help me with a list of good school management systems built
on ruby on rails. I came across fedena but I need more options in order
to compare the features before settling for the best that will suit our


One of the best places to start for one of these bake-offs is I haven’t looked there for this particular
need, but they organize things (gems, whole projects) into categories,
and then rank them based on GitHub activity, age, number of
contributors, etc.


Instructure’s Canvas LMS is a rails project:

Take a look at

It might help you.

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For more options, visit

Vineeth B S

Fedena is the only RoR SMS system that’s relatively popular. I actually
built a SMS for a local organization with Ruby on Rails and it’s used in
few schools internationally, but I won’t call it popular.

If you are looking for a comparison list, expand your search to include
other languages, and add in proprietary solutions.

I’d be interested in hearing more details about your use case, send me a
direct message, perhaps I can help you out.


If you are looking in other language…visit: School management software - Entab