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i know basics of HTML and CSS can i learn Ruby on Rails without

Yes you can, but you shouldn’t, you should learn some basic javascript
before you learn rails. You can replace ruby and rails on the
by any other or language or framework, but you can’t replace client-side
javascript. My advice is, learn at least enough javascript to understand
ajax and basic dom manipulation, than learn rails.

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I respectfully disagree. For someone without development experience, I
wouldn’t recommend learning yet another language on top of Ruby and
Rails. In fact, I would say that a better starting point would be
Sinatra (and erb templates). This allows someone familiar with HTML and
CSS to ease into learning Ruby but at the same time getting the instant
gratification of seeing dynamic content in their pages. For those of us
who have been immersed in software development for a while, it’s easy to
forget how steep the learning curve is.

Maybe providing the OP with links or online tutors on enough js to be
useful for rails as to avoid the overlearning step developing in large

On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 9:02 AM, Luis Vasconcellos

You are embarking on learning programming. A framework like rails is
to be a bit overwhelming at first. Try just learning Ruby from the irb
console (this lets you play with the language). You’ll need to
concepts like flow control, looping, memory and basic concepts around
classes and objects to get started. Once that’s done, move on to Rails.

There is going to be a lot to digest. Java Script is not required to use
rails although in Rails 3 it’s become pervasive and currently can not be
avoided if you want a modern web UI (Rails 2 it could). That said, learn
Ruby first and also get a firm grasp of HTML forms.

Java Script and in particular AJAX are more difficult to learn so leave
those till last. They are not required to write working apps in rails.

Good Luck!

Tony T.