Ruby On Rails Programmer Needed


Looking for a highly experienced Ruby on Rails programmer for an
upcoming e-commerce project.

Pay will be based on experience.

Please send a resume, work history and experience along with some
examples of your work in action to removed_email_address@domain.invalid If you have a
personal portfolio site, please send that along as well!

Would love to see some posts in here as well!

Thanks so much in advance!



I for one would like to see such posts include 1: location, and :2:
full/part time or contract, 3: on site or remote OK.

Otherwise this is a blind troll that wastes people’s time.



Rocksteady, as in the original Bboys from the Bronx?


I second that. Potential employers should be more forward with their
company information. This will
help to establish their credential and hence get more responses.

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Rocksteady, as in the original Bboys from the Bronx?

Rick O.