Ruby on Rails Installation - Standalone

Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie to ruby. Can someone post a step by step standalone
installtion of ruby on rails in windows as well as ubuntu . This is my
first day with ruby. any help is highly appriciated


Avy wrote:

For windows use InstantRails, that’s probably the fastest way to get
running with RoR on that OS. I would follow the setup guide in the Wiki
for Ubuntu.


For ubuntu:

Open synaptic and install ruby and rubygems (you might also want to
install mysql for database). Open terminal and execute ‘gem install
rails --include-dependencies’. That’s all, you have rails installed.

  1. For Windows - InstantRails is a no brainer. Though, you should
    know that the current release of InstantRails has Rails 2.0.2 and not
    Rails 2.1.0. Upgrading to Rails 2.1.0 may be less than trivial for a
    new Rails user.
  2. Ubuntu - The following link should help you: