Ruby on Rails in Utah

Email: [email protected]

Required Experience:
Our Ruby on Rails Engineers work closely with Technical Program
Managers, Product Managers, Front-End Engineers, Mobile Engineers, QA
Engineers and others to do the following:
Creates domain and web services using Ruby on Rails and other
technologies for deployment in the cloud
Defines, creates and maintains the data structures required to feed
these services including relational and NoSQL products such as
PostgreSQL and Cassandra
Ensure 100% code coverage by automated testing – we take test-driven
development seriously here
Clearly understand business objectives and customer needs
Design, build and deliver solutions that will meet and often exceed the
objectives and needs
Help define and execute standards and practices that enable our
development teams to do this as quickly and effectively as possible
Foster an environment that attracts, empowers and retains technical
people of the highest caliber
Applying candidates must have each of the following:
Great experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails
Strong technical depth and breadth in service development
Deep knowledge of data management issues including storage, secure
transmission, encryption and transactions
Comfortable with continuous deployment
A passion for delivering a bullet-proof services infrastructure
A craving for high performance code
Keeps it as simple as possible