Ruby on Rails developers /manger - up to 140K base

We are a digital media company who is currently looking to hire junior
to senior Ruby on Rails developers and a manager. Location: Manhattan

· Managed a development team (2-4 people)
· Keep technical focus while ensuring business owners are well
apprised of status
· Ruby on Rails, ERB, AJAX, XHTML, Javascript, CSS, REST
· Design Ruby on Rails applications
· Understand the demands of a startup and look forward to it
· Write tests before write code
· Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or IT related major
· Ruby on Rails, ERB, RJS, YAML,
· REST, Resource-Oriented “addressable, connectable” services design
· Application deployment through Capistrano
· Front-end tier concepts:
o JavaScript
o Protoype/Scriptaculous
· Middle/DB tier elements
o MySQL - table design, query tuning, explain, indexing, import/export
o Migrations
· Page caching, edge caching, reverse proxy
· Good understand of proper HTTP use
· Well versed in Agile Development practices.

Please send a