Ruby on Rails Developer required

Se ofrece puesto de trabajo para un desarrollador de Ruby on Rails,
entre Espana e Irlanda.
Se exige un buen nivel de ingles.

Interesados/as, contacten por email
[email protected]

Ruby on Rails Developer

General Requirements:

-Certified Ruby P.mer
-5+ years experience with Ruby programming language
-5+ years experience with Ruby on Rails framework
-Knowledge of web application stack (HTTP, Front-End techniques)
-Knowledge of Linux/Unix OS

Technical Requirements:

Ruby Language knowledge
    -Good understanding of Ruby OO model
    -Familiar with ruby profiling methodology
    -Knowledge of language environment (rubygems, bundler)
    -Knowledge of testing frameworks (Test::Unit, Mini::Test)
Ruby on Rails framework
    -Good understanding of framework components and internal

-Experience in Ruby on Rails project deployment in different
-Good understanding of Test Driven Development approach
-Experience in plugin development
-Knowledge of asset pipe technology
-Experience in application of alternate ORM for Rails framework