Ruby on Rails Developer - Looking for challenging assignement- Currently in Bay Area

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„X Around 5 years of software development experience involving Object
Oriented Programming, Web-based technologies.
„X Full life cycle software development experience ¡V requirements
gathering, analysis, design, development and testing.
„X Strong expertise in working with Ruby on Rails 2.0 Framework using
RUBY, RHTML, RJS, AJAX and MySQL database server.
„X Strong knowledge on RESTful design.
„X Working knowledge on unit testing, functional testing and
integration testing.
„X A perfect team-worker with excellent analytical and communication
„X Sound knowledge of database and operating Systems.

„X B.S - Computer Science & Engineering, Madras University, India
„X Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP)

Technical Skills:
Languages: Ruby, Java, Visual C++, .NET, SQL, PL/SQL
Operating System: Windows (NT, 2000, XP, 95/98), Linux, Mac OSX
Databases: Oracle 9i, MySQL, MS SQL and MS Access
Web Technologies: Ruby on Rails, RJS, XML/XSL, XSLT, Ajax, CSS
Web Servers: Tomcat Server, Apache Server, Webrick server and Mongrel
Protocol: HTTP related protocols and TCP/IP
Tools: Text mate, Capistrano, Subversion (SVN)

Professional Experience:

Project: EHR system July¡¦07 ¡V Present
The objective of this project was to maintain patient details. It¡¦s an
enterprise class web-based electronic health records (EHR) system.
Used Ruby on Rails to create the system that tracks the complete
patient care process, Manage computerized physician order entry system
and admission system.


„X Developed various modules that include financial details,
confidentiality details, flexibility, health care details, details
regarding disorder, treatment plan, meal guide, food habits,
lifestyle, and daily activities.
„X Involved in creating new registration and authentication system for
every patients with features such as Signup, Login / Logout, Forgot
Password, Reset Password and Change Password.
„X Searching the patient¡¦s record using full text search engine, using
Thinking Sphinx and adding pagination to search.
„X Worked on performance issues and resolved them using caching.
„X Involved in patient mailing module.
„X Developed RESTful blog to get the feed back from the patients
regarding the services.

Environment: Ruby 1.8.6, Ruby on Rails 2.0, AJAX, RJS, RHTML, Mongrel
Server, MYSQL, MVC, Subversion (SVN).

Project: OGS
November¡¦06 ¡V June¡¦07
The main objective of this web site is online shopping of various
products viz. Books, Cosmetics, Leather Goods, Gift Articles, etc. The
payment is done by recurring billing using active merchant plug-in.
Bonus Points are given to the shoppers who recommend other shoppers to
attract customers.


„X Involved in the Use case analysis and Realization.
„X Involved in the design of the project using UML methodology.
„X Implemented the shopping cart functionality, order status and
„X Evaluate and implement fully functional back office module for
client usage.
„X Project key features include support for tax and vat manipulation,
online payment, review products, stock control, category & product
management, courier charge calculation and various management reports
as item movement, sales statistics, and order status.

Environment: Ruby on Rails, AJAX, RJS, RHTML, Mongrel Server, MYSQL,
MVC, Subversion (SVN).

Project: Personal Management System (PMS) May¡¦05 ¡V
Company: Northern Natural Gas
The objective of the Personnel Management System is to facilitate the
Personnel department of the organization for salary calculation,
reimbursements & other HR activities. Employees could enter their time
sheets, expense sheets through this application.


„X Involved in Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
„X Participated in the requirement analysis and design of the
application using UML.
„X Used JSP scripting to communicate the web browser with the server.
„X Extensively used Struts to implement MVC architecture.
„X Created Struts config, Application resources.
„X Used J2EE design patterns like MVC, session facade, Business
delegate and DAO.
„X Configured and Deployed Web application on Web Sphere application
„X Developed entity beans and session beans with EJB 2.0 standards for
encoding the business logic.
„X Wrote stored procedures to add update and delete data from Oracle.

Environment: J2EE, JDK 1.4, EJB 2.0, JSP, Tomcat 5.x, Eclipse, SVN,

Project: LMS (Learning Management System) July¡¦04 ¡V
Company: Tata Elxsi (Saba)
The objective of this project is to enable e-learning course and
administrating e-learning courses based on transcripts. This web
application contain Learner and Administrator module. This web
application is used to manage the learning activities for employees of
organization. Employees of organization can enroll to a course using
this application. Administrator can modify and monitor all the
activities of learner.


„X Developed course, catalog, Self-Phased courses, add to cart, test
and scoring for E-Learning courses in SABA application.
„X Involved in developing various use case such as enrollment, creating
transcripts, move to roster, move to waiting list, Deleting roster
entries, administrating courses, and learners.
„X Involved in developing learning plan assignment module.
„X Involved in developing module to importing courses from third
„X Involved in developing settings and configuration module.
„X Developed xml configuration module to configure learner.

Environment: VC++, Java, CF, XML, MSSQL, Oracle 9i

Project: SPICE (AVAYA) May¡¦03 ¡V June ¡¦04
Company: Tata Elxsi
Client AVAYA is a global leader in IP telephony. The objective of this
project was to test and fix the problems that are reported from
customer site and to implement new features as per the requirements
given by AVAYA. Received training on Spice 96xx series phones. There
were three domains in the project: Application, Networking (Software)
and Broad com board support (hardware). I was looking after whole
Application module. Developed several new features of Alphanumeric
Search in Spice 96xx series colored phones.


„X Designing and developing the application module using C++ on VxWorks
„X Performing Unit and Integration testing of IP phone embedded
„X Address and resolve end customer reported bugs using Bugzilla.
„X Tracking the defects using Team Track and resolving the issues based
on the priority.
„X Develop new features in the module.

Environment: C, C++, VXWorks