Ruby on Rails Day @ JAX India 2009 Conference

This year at the JAX India 2009 conference, promises to
stage some JAX India Specials that have never been thought of before.
Introducing for the very first time at JAX India 2009 is JAX University
Day and Ruby on Rails Day.

Ruby on Rails Day at the JAX India 2009 conference would see an
avant-garde of world-renowned software experts who have dedicated
themselves to Ruby on Rails and the Ruby on Rails community. These
experts, from both Java as well as .NET background, will enlighten
software developers with the beauty of this fairly new technology and
help them to learn the concepts of Ruby on Rails.

Steven Bristol, a Core Contributor to the Ruby on Rails Framework, Less
Everything, has decided to address the software developers’ community in
India with the following few topics:

· All About Merb - In this presentation we’ll take a look at the
history of merb, how to get up and running, and when you should replace
a heavy Rails action with a merb equivalent. We’ll also do a live code
demonstration where we build a sample application.

· Advanced JavaScript and Rails - Learn in depth class design and
object orientation with JavaScript, how to code unobtrusively, how to
use different JavaScript libraries, and some best practices for
communicating with Rails.

· REST with Rails - This talk will cover exposing your application as a
REST API/interface and how to use ActiveResource as a consumer for
another RESTful interface.

JAX India 2009 Conference commences on 6-10th April at the NIMHANS
Convention Center, Bangalore, India. More information on the program and
sessions can be found at