Ruby on Rails Data Model Relationships Diagram

Hi, everyone. Rein H. was asking in the #rubyonrails freenode IRC
channel about what we’d like to see in a beginner Ruby on Rails
tutorial. I told him I wanted a good visual diagram of the basic data
model relationships. This got me thinking, so I went ahead and cooked
one up last night. I’ve added it to the files section of the Google
Groups Beta page for this group. I also have it at the following

I hope it helps new Rails developers get their head around defining
relationships. As a new Rails developer, I certainly would have loved
to have something like this. I’d love to get feedback on it, good and
bad. (Especially if there are errors.) :slight_smile:


I updated the diagram to correctly show the has_one/belongs_to
relationship. It now reflects what is specified in the API.



what about students who has 2 cars?

just joking, nice chart

Heri R.

Very nice, and educational !!!
more on this is needed… definitely a good time investment !!!

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