Ruby on Rails clone in NodeJS

It’s basically done and used for private projects, but it’s not polished
and there’s no documentation,
only some examples. MonoJS - RoR clone in NodeJS.

Examples to play:

Would you be interested in such framework? I need to know it to decide -
create documentations and polishing it or just keep it as it is for
internal usage.

What’s the same as in RoR

  • Looks and feels like working with RoR. Uses same API, naming and
  • Forget about asynchronous code, use plain and simple synchronous code
    blocking the node, thanks to Fibers).
  • More robust error handling (thanks to Fibers).
  • Full support for RoR AJAX techniques for Classical Web2.0 AJAX -
    links, JS responses,
    js-helpers, Turbolinks.
  • Controller with before / after callbacks.
  • RESTful routing.
  • AssetPipeline (based on Browserify, support CoffeeScript, ClientSide
    Templates, minifying, etc.)
  • Code Reload
  • Pluralize and localize helpers.
  • Modular, create many applications and combine it as you wish (similar
    how it’s done in express).
  • Request format recognition and automatically use correct ContentType
    response and Template extension.
  • Full support for CoffeeScript, use it for server code, server
    client code (Backbone.js for
    example) client templates. All will be assembled automatically and in
    of client stuff also
    transpiled to JS packed and delivered to Browser.
  • Use mocha.js to create tests similar to RoR RSpec

What’s different from RoR

  • Unlike RoR its internal structure is modular, every of its Core
    can be replaced. So, you
    don’t need things like RoR Engines, it’s already there out of the box.
  • Small code size, basically it does nothing by itself, it’s just a
    delegating all actual work to other well known and established Node.js
  • No enforcement on project structure, you can use folder structure like
    RoR or whatever other
    your like.