Ruby on Rails and LDAP

Hey guys,
I’m new to both Ruby, ROR and LDAP, although not new to programming.
I’ve been messing with Ruby for the last couple weeks and have been
enjoying it. My setup for Ruby is Locomotive on Mac OS X. I successfully
ran the “Hello World“ of ruby on rails.

I’m trying to create a small webapp which will connect to our LDAP
server and autofill a text field when the user starts typing the name.
(similar to the functionality in the Apple’s Mail , when a new mail is
created and in the ‘TO’ field when I start typing the name, Mail
connects to my LDAP to show similar names and lets me pick one).

I would appreciate if anyone gives me pointers in implementing the above
and which LDAP libraries to use .


Hey Dev,

We did something like this for a client a while back - http://
thoughtbot case studies featuring design and development projects for websites, mobile and web applications. - and we’ve sinced hooked it
up to the Mac OS X addressbook as well.

Feel free to grab our code, and/or get in touch w/ Tammer (linked
from page above).


Thanks for the reply.
But I’m not sure if thats what I am looking for. Let me just restate
what I’m looking for:

Basically I’m trying to add Users information (who are in LDAP, just
their email) to a table called “Groups” in MySQL.
So in my webapp, there should be a webpage called “Add users to
Groups”, it should have a text field and when I start entering my first
name, it should lookup information in LDAP and bring the matching names
and I can pick one (similar to google suggest) and then add the selected
peson’s email address to a selected group.

Hopefully, I made myself clear.