Ruby-oci8 2.1.0

Ruby-oci8 2.1.0 is released. This is the Oracle module using OCI8 API.

Note that ruby-oci8 2.1.0 doesn’t support Oracle 8 (8.0) and Oracle 8i
(8.1) anymore.

primary session.
cpool =, 5, 2, username, password,

  # Get a session from the pool.
  # Pass the connection pool to the third argument.
  conn1 =, password, cpool)

  # Get another session.
  conn2 =, password, cpool)
  • Daylight saving time aware if TZ is set.

    You should set the environment variable TZ if your applications run
    in a time zone with daylight saving time transitions.
    Otherwise, Oracle session time zone is set with current constant
    offset from GMT.
    (reported by Yasuo Honda)

  • connect as sysasm (Oracle 11g only)‘username/password as sysasm’)
    or‘username’, ‘password’, nil, :SYSASM)

  • Oracle number is converted to ruby float exactly same as ruby does.

    From ruby 1.9.2, a float value converted from Oracle number 15.7 by
    the Oracle function OCINumberToReal() makes a string representation
    15.700000000000001 by Float#to_s. (See:
    To avoid this issue, any Oracle number is converted to a float as
    ruby’s String#to_f does.

    The behavior is customizable by[:float_conversion_type].[:float_conversion_type] = :oracle # => Use
    OCINumberToReal()[:float_conversion_type] = :ruby # => Use

    The default value is :ruby.

  • OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO handling is changed.

    Ruby-oci8 2.0 treats OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO in OCI layer as an error
    and raise an exception OCISuccessWithInfo such as “ORA-24347:
    Warning of
    a NULL column in an aggregate function” and “ORA-28002: the password
    expire within xx days.”

    From 2.1.0, it is treated as a warning and the exception is set
    to OCI8#last_error.

  • OCI8#last_error

    The last error or warning associated with the session is set to
    OCI8#last_error. The usecase is to detect OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO.
    It is reset by OCI8#exec and OCI8#parse.

  • Experimental support of character length semantics

    This is enabled when :char is set to[:length_semantics].

  • OCI8.client_charset_name and OCI8#database_charset_name is added.

    They return Oracle charset name such as WE8ISO8859P15.

  • Specification changes

    • The parent class OCINoData was changed from OCIException to
  • Fixed Issues

    • Fix a bug that an array is always bound as null.
      This bug was introduced in ruby-oci8 2.0.5.
      (reported by Leoš Bitto)

    • Avoid a gcc internal compiler error when using ruby1.9.2-p290 on
      ubuntu 11.10 (64bit). (reported by Bob Saveland.)

    • Fix compilation problems on Solaris.
      (Reported by Sanjiv Patel.)

    • Fix compilation problems on Linux.
      (Reported by Edgars Beigarts.)

    • Connections are released by GC without explicit logoff.

    • Set ruby encoding CP950 for oracle characterset ZHT16MSWIN950 and
      CP951 for ZHT16HKSCS and ZHT16HKSCS31 when the ruby is 1.9.3.

    • Clear an executuing thread information in a connection when a SQL
      executions is canceled by Thread#kill or Timeout::timeout.
      (reported by Aaron Qian)

    • Fix some test cases for object type and TZ issues.
      (reported by Yasuo Honda)

    • Use Gem::Command.build_args to get arguments after ‘–’.
      (reported by jbirdjavi)