Ruby-oci8 1.0.4 and 2.0.0

Ruby-oci8 1.0.4 and 2.0.0 are released. These are Oracle modules using

Ruby-oci8 1.0.4 is a latest stable release. The target ruby version
is 1.8. It doesn’t work with ruby 1.9.

Ruby-oci8 2.0.0 is a unstable release. It works with ruby 1.8 and
1.9 and has usefull features compared with ruby-oci8 1.0.4.
Note: Active record oracle adapter doesn’t work with this.

What’s new in 1.0.4.

  1. [dbi] support ruby-dbi 0.4
    (Thanks to James Cao and Peter Zingg.)

    Ruby-dbi 0.4 is supported by DBD::OCI8 after 6 months from the
    release of 0.4.

    If you are using ruby-dbi 0.1.1, you need to copy dbd/OCI8.rb
    to DBD/OCI8/OCI8.rb. The file itself works fine with ruby-dbi
    0.1.1, but the dbi cannot find the file by default.

  2. Rowid column data are fetched as a String by default.

  3. The return type of OCI8::Cursor#rowid is changed from OCIRowid
    to String.

    Note: It needs one network roundtrip to convert OCIRowid to
    String on server side when using Oracle 8.x client.
    On Oracle 9.0 or upper it is converted in the client side.

  4. An exception is raised if a connection is used in a process which is
    different with a process to establish the connection.

    If you encounter an exception “The connection cannot be reused in the
    forked process,” see the following link.

  5. fix for instant rpm package.
    (reported by Luis P…)

    The directory tree is a bit different with that of
    or earlier.

  6. suppress compilation warnings.
    (contributed by Daniel B.)

What’s new in 2.0.0