Ruby-oci8 1.0.3

ruby-oci8 1.0.3 is released. This is a Oracle module using OCI8 API.

  1. add workaround code for a losing character problem when reading CLOB.
    (reported by Efren Yevale and Thomas W. and fixed with Thomas
    Witt’s help.)

    The problem is happened at the following condition.

    (a) Oracle client version is or
    It doesn’t happened when using client or lower.
    It doesn’t depend on Oracle server version.

    (b) The character set is a variable-length one.
    e.g. AL32UTF8

  2. fix a problem when reading BLOB/CLOB over 1GB.
    (reported by Jonathan Hadders.)

  3. [rails] fix a problem that OraNumber#to_json returns “{}” when using
    (reported by Alex M.)

    Rails add to_json method. But it doesn’t know what OraNumber is.
    OraNumber#to_json is added for Rails.

  4. [dbi] fix a problem when using Oracle 8i and ruby-dbi.
    (reported by Glauco Magnelli.)