Ruby-oci8 0.1.16

ruby-oci8 0.1.16 is released.
This is a Oracle module using OCI8 API.


What’s new.

  1. Add LONG and LONG RAW support longer than 65535 bytes.

    Use OCI8#long_read_len and OCI8#long_read_len= to set max long
    The default value is 65535.

  2. OraDate and OraNumber can be serialized by Marshal now.

  3. OraDate and OraNumber can be serialized by YAML now.

  4. Fix bug on OraDate#dup, OraDate#clone, OraNumber#dup and
    (reported by Daniel B…)

    These methods had not duplicated their contents, which caused
    fault. Now they duplicate their contents also by adding

  5. Add a workaround code on cygwin environment variables problem.

    Cygwin manages environment variables by itself. They don’t synchroize
    with Win32’s ones. When setting Oracle’s environment variables, they
    are set to cygwin’s environment. But Oracle client library read
    Win32’s. Now Oracle-related variables are forcedly set to Win32.

  6. Accept all Fixnum values when binding as a Fixnum on 64-bit ruby.

    A Fixnum is a 31-bit integer on 32-bit ruby, 63-bit integer on 64-bit
    ruby. But it had been bound to 32-bit integer on ruby-oci8. Now it is
    bound to integer whose bit width is same with ruby.