Ruby ObjectDatabase is there any?

Is there a real working Object Database(not ORM) written in Ruby or
stable adapter to non-Ruby one?

I goggled for Ruby Object Database and found some projects, but haven’t
found any real working solution.
Mainly they just serialize objects and write it to disk with id. Not
much usable.
Also i found project trying to create adapter for db4o, but it’s in

Maybe i missed something? Really hope i did :slight_smile:

What i mean for real-working? As a sample pseudo code for the Java db4o
database (very base feature, there are also a lot of functions):

class List;
attr_accessor :topics

class Topic
attr_accessors :name, :text

list =
list.topics <<‘fist’, ‘bla-bla’)
list.topics <<‘second’, ‘bla-bla’)

db.put list

prototype =‘first’, nil) # Matcher for search
topics = db.get prototype # topics contains all found topics

Right now i use a rough prototype (one of my friend told me that i’m
crazy, when i show him what i did :))
Anyway it’s just a prototype(with terrible performance) :).

I use eXist XML database with XPath support and objects-tree to XML

put: objects-tree => XML => eXist
get: XPath => eXist => XML => objects-tree

Code for previous example with this scenario looks like:

db.get “//[@class = ‘Topic’ and @name = ‘first’]”