Ruby.NET moves to full open source community model


The Gardens Point Ruby.NET project
( would like to announce that we
are moving to a new open source community model.

While we at QUT will continue to be heavily involved in the project, we
plan to transfer full control and ownership of the project to the open
source community. To signify this new beginning, the new project will be
named simply “Ruby.NET” (rather than “Gardens Point Ruby.NET”) and a new
licence agreement will be developed (by the community). A source code
repository will be created external to QUT that will be directly
assessable to developers in the community to make contributions.

It has been suggested that we could host our source code repository and
mailing lists at RubyForge. As I am inexperienced at managing this kind
of open source project I need your help and advice. If you are
interested in either discussing how we transition to this new model, or
in contributing to our code base, please send an email to
removed_email_address@domain.invalid and I will add you to an interim core-development
mailing list.

Cheers, Wayne.

(for the Ruby.NET team)

Dr Wayne K. Senior Lecturer
Email: removed_email_address@domain.invalid School of Software Engineering and DC
Phone: +61 7 3864 9336 Faculty of Information Technology
Fax: +61 7 3864 9390 Queensland University of Technology


Kudos for the initiative !

Yes, seems to be the a good place
at least for distribution, to get started with.

Still it’s possible a project this size requires some
other facilities I’m not sure whether rubyforge is able
to accomodate.
The man to inquiry there is of course the great
Tom C., longtime rubyforge sysadmin

Also, it’s possible you could use the readily
available infrastructure at

The JRuby guys found a home at
but that makes sense for them because that’s
a mainly java-focused community, or community
It’s possible there’s something alike out there
for .NET projects.

I guess it all depends on whether you want to
create a new community from scratch, or you want
to take advantage of a readily available

On the licence topic, my hunch says most ruby
developers would want it to be the Ruby licence,
if possible, but I’ve read Matz expressing he wishes
on hindsight he had chosen the BSD licence for Ruby


Wayne K. wrote:

The Gardens Point Ruby.NET project ( would like to announce that we are moving to a new open source community model.

I think this is the best news I’ve heard in a month.

Next tell me that they will test it all with Mono as
well as .NET…