Ruby - mysql - Error Authentication protocol not supported

On Windows XP Prof system, using Ruby 1.8.4 & mysql-ruby-2.7.1 (pure
ruby interface),
myswl 5.0 server, and rubyuser is defined as a mysql user, I am trying
to run the following sample program and getting the error:

*** C:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/mysql.rb:453:in read': Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client (Mysql::Error) from C:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/mysql.rb:130:inreal_connect’
from C:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/mysql.rb:91:in `initialize’
from C:/0-dwn/mysql/ruby-mysql-0.2.6/sampledb0.rb:5

I am able to perform all of the commands via a commandline console.

Please help me with this error message, what do I need to change to get
it working


========Sampledb.rb =========================================

require “mysql”

dbname = “sampledb”

m =“localhost”, “root”, “passwd”)
r = m.query(“CREATE DATABASE #{dbname}”)
m.query(“CREATE TABLE words
german varchar(30),
english varchar(30),
french varchar(30)

m.query(“INSERT INTO words VALUES(‘Adler’, ‘eagle’, ‘aigle’)”)
m.query(“INSERT INTO words VALUES(‘Haus’, ‘house’, ‘maison’)”)
m.query(“INSERT INTO words VALUES(‘Name’, ‘name’, ‘nom’)”)
m.query(“INSERT INTO words VALUES(‘Wal’, ‘whale’, ‘baleine’)”)
m.query(“GRANT ALL ON sampledb.* TO [email protected] IDENTIFIED by


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