Ruby must run in c:\ruby in order to find libraries (xp sp2)

Microsoft Windows© XP SP2 with the latest patches, bugfixes, etc.
Ruby 1.8.5 and .6, both did not work
Rubygems 0.9.2
RUBYOPT = -rubygems
PATH = c:\ruby\bin;c:\perl…
Installed via One-Click-Installer (both .5 and .6)

Whenever I try to run a Ruby script, the parser pauses for about 10 secs
then returns with an error trying to locate Mongrel. I’ve installed it
via rubygems which did work outside of C:\Ruby. When I went to C:\Ruby
and typed the full path to execute it (ruby “C:\Document and
Settings…\Ruby\mongrel.rb”) it runs ok, everything is happy. I think
it may have to do with a missing enviorment variable. I did download and
manually install Ruby 1.8.6 (by downloading the binaries) but Rubygems
wouldn’t install (missing libraries…zlib, etc) but I haven’t taken
that course of action yet as the One-Click is much easier :wink:

Anyone can help me please? I don’t really use newsgroups much so a
direct email would be better :slight_smile: Thanks!

On Apr 28, 11:55 am, zenix [email protected] wrote:

and typed the full path to execute it (ruby "C:\Document and
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Ok, I’ve gone about installing Ruby from the download binaries. Same
enviorment, using Ruby 1.8.6. I am able to run scripts that only use
the standard library (eg only File, Dir, Base64, Set, etc) but
whenever I try to run a script that uses a RubyGem, it failes giving
this error:

./mongrel.rb:44: uninitialized constant Mongrel (NameError)
from C:/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:
27:in gem_original_require' from C:/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb: 27:inrequire’
from mongrel.rb:2

I don’t know why it’s happening, I have an installation on Ubuntu that
works completely fine. Line 2 is “require ‘mongrel’” and line 44 is a
quick test after I commented out the other code - “puts”

Again, will anyone help me? I’ve warmed up to newsgroups a bit more so
you don’t have to email me directly :wink:

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