Ruby multiple independent controller s one page

Hi, i have the following problem - on my web project i will have two
areas (components) which will change (submit) independently. However,
the two areas will interact with each other, too, when some link is
clicked for example . There is a rough picture of my problem at thios
address : . The blue
areas are those who work independently form one another but at certain
actions they submit the other area. And there will be, also a scroll
for both of the blue parts.
So, my dilema is how to approach this situation?
I can do it entirely with ajax, but there are more complex object
which i have to validate, so i think they’d better be some kind of
components. I have read about ‘Cells’, but i have not tested them.
Moreover, cells are something which handles too small parts from the
whole picture, and i have more elements which i want to unify as a
component. Furthermore, what would u say about ‘components’ and
‘Componenets’ and the difference between them?