Ruby Multi-D arrays Log Files

hi, I’m working on log files as a start to Ruby Learning…

This is the input I have [a cut down version]

a1=[[“10/10/2013”, “user1”, “machine1”, “application1”, “login”,
[“10/10/2013”, “user2”, “machine2”, “application2”, “login”,
[“10/10/2013”, “user1”, “machine1”, “application1”, “logout”,
[“10/10/2013”, “user2”, “machine2”, “application2”, “logout”,

I would like to calculate the difference between login time and logout
time and store it in a different array …

Desired output

a2= [[“10/10/2013”, “user1”, “machine1”, “application1”, “login”,
“8:40:00”, “logout”,“8:43:07”, “Timeused”, “00:03:00”]]

Please help

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