i have checked around on the net, but have not found anything… i also
can’t get the search to work on this site either, so i decided to try

i am trying to get this package to work… installed the gem…

then did this…

require “mp3info”“myfile.mp3”)

and all i get is this:

mp3.rb:4: uninitialized constant Mp3Info (NameError)

i am sure i am doing something really stupid… but i am stumped…

any ideas?


Sergio R. wrote:“myfile.mp3”)
Use require ‘rubygems’ first.


Use require ‘rubygems’ first.


got it! thanks!

i tried that, mixed with other stuff i found via google… with no luck…

the winning combo is:

require “rubygems”
require “mp3info”

thanks again…

It didn’t find the package. It worked after I add the path of mp3info to

require “mp3info”