Ruby-Mongrel2 0.21.0 Released

Ruby-Mongrel2 version 0.21.0 has been released!

Ruby-Mongrel2 is a complete Ruby (1.9-only) connector for

This library includes configuration-database ORM classes, a Ruby
implementation of the ‘m2sh’ tool, a configuration DSL for generating
config databases in pure Ruby, a Control port interface object, and
handler classes for creating applications or higher-level frameworks.


  • mongrel2 1.7.5
  • Ruby 1.9.3


gem install mongrel2


v0.21.0 [2012-04-23] Michael G. [email protected]

  • Rename the defaults for Mongrel2::Config.
    This was changed to conform with Configurability’s defaults API. The
    old name was aliased to the new for backward-compatibility.
  • Add a Mongrel2::HTTPRequest#remote_ip method. This should support
    both the current Mongrel (1.7.5) and the future plan for appended
    X-Forwarded-For headers. [mahlon]