Ruby mogilefs-client 3.2.0 released

A MogileFS client library for Ruby. MogileFS is an open source
distributed filesystem, see: for more details. This
library allows any Ruby application to read, write and delete files in a
MogileFS instance.

To install: gem install mogilefs-client

mogilefs ::
list :: [email protected]
email :: [email protected]
repo :: git://
cgit :: MogileFS client library for Ruby
gitweb :: Public Git Hosting - ruby-mogilefs-client.git/summary
download :: Index of /mogilefs-client/files/

Changes since 3.1.1:

  • admin supports “create_device” and “change_device_weight” commands

  • admin casts “reject_bad_md5” field in “get_device” return
    value to boolean (true/false) (when talking to MogileFS::Server 2.60+)

  • minor code simplifications to admin

  • “list_keys” and “exist?” client commands raise errors properly
    on failure.

  • backend connections no longer terminate on ERR responses, only
    on socket/connection errors.

  • support the “updateclass” client command. This is for updating
    the class of a given key and not to be confused with the
    “update_class” admin command.

  • “new_file” checksum usage is now documented since MogileFS 2.60
    includes official support for checksums