Ruby Midwest 2011 - Speakers Announced & New Group Rates


I wanted to let everyone know that the Ruby Midwest 2011 conference
lineup has been announced. I’ve listed the speakers and talks below,
but check out the Speakers page (
on the website for details.

Register now for this 2 day, single-track, 22 speaker conference for
only $189. (
Registration is discounted to $169 for groups of 5 or more.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Uncle Bob Martin (@unclebobmartin)
  • Andy H. (@PragmaticAndy)

Session Speakers:

  • Jim W. (@jimweirich) - “Does pair programming have to suck?”
  • Matt Kirk (@mjkirk) - “Recommendation Engines using Machine
    Learning, and JRuby”
  • Angela Harms (@angelaharms) - “Does pair programming have to
  • Dave Copeland (@davetron5000) - “Make Awesome Command-Line Apps
    with Ruby”
  • Marty H. (@mghaught) - “Ruby Community: Awesome; Could Be
  • Zach Holman (@holman) - “How GitHub Uses GitHub to Build GitHub”
  • Avdi G. (@avdi) - “Confident Code”
  • Ethan Gunderson (@ethangunderson) - “ActiveRecord Anti-Patterns
    for Fun and Profit”
  • Ola B. (@olabini) - “Ruby Safari”
  • Michael B. (@mbleigh) - “Rails is the New Rails”
  • Eric Redmond (@inviite) - “Modern Databases”
  • David Czarnecki (@CzarneckiD) - “Final Boss: Ruby/Rails in the
    Video Game Industry”
  • James Edward G. II (@JEG2) - “Life on the Edge”
  • Noel Rappin (@noelrap) - “Test Your Legacy Rails Code”
  • Dr Nic Williams (@drnic) - “High Performance Ruby: Threading
    versus Evented”
  • Ben Scofield (@bscofield) - “Break It Down”
  • Matt Hicks (@matthicksj) - “Running Red Hat OpenShift with a
    little help from Ruby”
  • Rogelio J. Samour (@therubymug) - “No Sudo for You!”
  • Joe O’Brien (@objo) - “People Patterns”
  • Jacques C. (@railsjedi) - “Y U NO CoffeeScript?”

I hope to see you there!

Luke P.