Ruby LSAPI extension 2.0 released

Hi Folks,

Ruby LSAPI 2.0 is released. In this release, a few more tunable
environment variables has been added, the process manager has been
improved to stop excessive idle process and runaway process dynamically.
For detail information, please refer to README file inside the package.

Upgrade to this release is highly recommended to current user.

If the old release is installed manually, please upgrade it manually, if
it is installed via “gem”, please upgrade it using “gem”.


About Ruby LSAPI extension:
Ruby LSAPI is a Ruby extension which implements the highly optimized
LiteSpeed SAPI protocol between Ruby and LiteSpeed Server. In addition
to the best IPC (Inter Process Communication) performance among all Ruby
server APIs, LSAPI can also efficiently spawn ruby processes on demand.
Ruby LSAPI + LiteSpeed Web Server is the easiest Rails deployment
platform available now.

Best Regards,
George W.


We just released Ruby LSAPI 2.1 to address a issue introduced in 2.0
The issue is that it will fail when constructing a logger using $deferr.

Best Regards,
George W.