Ruby links encoding to Unicode by default

Why are my links encoding to unicode?

@dropdown = {
“Configure Quick Links”: {’/quicklinks’ => “”},
“Manage News Articles”: {’/news/manage’ => “”},
“Manage Documents”: {’/documents’ => “”},
“Logout”: {’/users/logout’ => “”},
“Imitate User”: {’#imitate-modal’ => “modal”}

<% @dropdown.each do |key, value, toggle| %>
<%= link_to key, value, class: ‘dropdown-item’, :“data-toggle” => toggle%>
<% end %>

url from link:

Working with a hash of hashes. The data is spitting out correctly but…my forward slashes are being converted to %2f which is unicode for it. Why is this…it’s not happening for other links…?

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