Ruby keyboard commando switch off

I’m not really a master with ruby, so I would nicely want to ask if
someone would know how to disable some keyboard keys.

My friend and me are making a little game and in the engine we work
there is a bug that if you press CTRL you can go in and out every object
where you normally can’t walk.

so I would like to know if someone knew the ruby code to disable the
CTRL button?

Thank you! ^^

P.S.: the engine only works with ruby.

I heard it was possible but I didn’t find anything yet, maybe someone
would know?

Ok I am now this far


but I want to disable the key.

Maybe someone has a hint?


H. Dauven

H. D.
You should check out some of the game libraries for Ruby.

The keyboard thing is going to be largely platform dependent.
Many times, game libraries try to be crossplatform too.

At the very worst, you may need to create a ruby extension.
The Allegro game library, done in C, has a nicely abstracted set of
keyboard controls…

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