Ruby & Javascript

Hey guys!

Does anyone knows how to a ruby program communicate with the Google API,
which one is written in Javascript ? I’ve heard something about a
wrapper to
do the communication, but i didn’t find anything yet.

I know a plugin for rails can do that (geokit), but i don’t know how.
is a method (geocode) that use the javascript function to return the XML
data about a address.

So, please help me!

Thanks in advance!,

Google API? You mean Google Maps API right? I’m not sure about ruby
but for rails there is a very good plugin
that has good documentation on the page… I used this for a store
locator and it’s a very good tool…

I guess you could look at the plugin code and transfer that to a plain
ruby script if you wanted too…

yeah, sorry, I mean google maps API.

I’ll take a look at the code. It’s something like that, i want to know
to write my own code over the Gmaps API.